B-Compliant Privacy Policy

We think that your privacy is important and we take it seriously.  This policy lets you know what we do and don’t do with your information. It lets you make a choice around sharing information with us.

B-Compliant is an online Health and Safety software service that is designed to help manage your Health and Safety needs.  We respect customer privacy and we are committed to safeguarding personal information in line with the Privacy Act 1993. This Privacy Policy applies to the B-Compliant software and to customers who use it. By using the B-Compliant Software you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information that you input into the B-Compliant system.  This information may include: the name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, date of birth, and any other contact information of you or any of your staff.

We also store and process data and information about Health and Safety matters which you choose to input into the B-Compliant system.

We may automatically collect information about your computer hardware and software. This information may include: your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times and referring website addresses. This information is used by us to operate and maintain the quality of the B-Compliant system and to provide general statistical data on the use of the B-Compliant software.

Personal Information Uses

Personal information is used for operating the B-Compliant system, to make navigation through B-Compliant easy, to manage your account in the B-Compliant system as well as the administration and services that you receive from the B-Compliant system.

We may also use and store data and information regarding Health and Safety which you choose to input into the B-Compliant system for analysis.

Subject to the paragraph below, we will not disclose, sell, or otherwise make available to any unauthorised third party, any personal information provided by you without your permission.

We may need to reveal your personal information, without notice:

(a)       To obey or follow any law, or order of any Court or Tribunal of competent jurisdiction;

(b)       To protect and defend our rights and property; and

(c)        To act in emergency situations and protect the personal safety of our staff, customers, users, or the public.

This Privacy Policy does not restrict Bedrock Solutions Ltd from aggregating and using information input into the B-Compliant system as long as it does not identify specific people, their contact details or identify the organisation.

You have the right to access and correct your personal information in line with the Privacy Act 1993.

Access to Information

B-Compliant is designed to allow you, your staff and your friends to work together to keep each other safe.  This means that you decide who can access your information and what level of access people have to your information.  Bedrock Solutions Ltd is not responsible for information that you share with others.  It is important that you make sure any person that you no longer want to have access to your information has their access removed.

Information About Others

You may add information about others into B-Compliant.  If you add personal information about someone else, you must make sure you are authorised to give that information to Bedrock Solutions Ltd.  Without Bedrock Solutions Ltd taking any further steps needed by applicable data protection or privacy laws, Bedrock Solutions Ltd may collect, use and disclose such information for the purposes described in this Policy.  This means that you must take reasonable steps to make sure the individual concerned is aware of and/or agrees with the many matters detailed in this Policy including the fact that their personal information is being collected, why that information is being collected and who will use and see that information.  If asked, you must help others update their personal information that you entered into B-Compliant. Updating personal information is your responsibility; it is not up to Bedrock Solutions Ltd to do this.

Protecting Information

We understand how important it is to secure and protect your data and information. We do everything we can to secure your personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.  However, it is not possible for any organisation to guarantee that 100% security will be maintained at all times.

The information you enter into B-Compliant is stored securely by us and can only be accessed by you and a password. It is up to you to keep your password safe.

We will maintain all personal information and data in controlled environments that are secured against unauthorised access.  All data transferred between you and B-Compliant servers is encrypted.  However, the Internet is not in itself a secure environment, and we recommend that you should only enter data to the servers within a secure environment.

We may continue to store and use the information and data you input into the B-Compliant system even after its served its purpose.

Important Information

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy whenever we see the need to do so. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy shall be effective from the date it is posted on our website.

The use of the B-Compliant system is subject to all terms and conditions included in the B-Compliant Privacy Policy, B-Compliant Terms of Use or any Service Agreement entered into. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with these documents. If there is conflict between the Terms of Use/any Service Agreement entered into by you and this Privacy Policy, the provisions included in the Terms of Use/Service Agreement shall take effect.


B-Compliant Privacy Policy Last Updated: 30 October 2016